Dario's Focaccia Baking Mix

Dario's Focaccia Baking Mix

Of all the memorable loaves of bread that have come from the CVI Kitchen, no other has been so widely beloved as Dario's Focaccia. It is a gratifying marriage of crispy crust, chewy crumb, and incredible aroma. Loaves are easy to produce and even easier to consume.

The dry mix contained in this box will make a versatile dough that takes well to topping both prior and post-baking. As a result, it can be as expressive as you are willing to be. It shapes well into rustic batards and stretches beautifully for something closer to ciabatta. It will also work well for pan and wood-fired type pizzas. Of course, and most easily of all, this dry mix will produce Dario's Focaccia.

The flour contained in this kit is 100% produced at The Chef’s Garden.


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