Tomato Water (drip thaw clarification)

Tomato Water (drip thaw clarification)


  • 4 Large Ripe tomatoes (approximately 3 lbs)
  • ½ tablespoon of salt per quart of tomato water. 
  • 1 clean linen 
  • 1 colander or perforated pan. 
  • 1 large bowl or pan 


  • Puree the tomatoes with an immersion blender or food processor or  counter top blender until somewhat smooth and pulpy.
  • Transfer to a pan or container and freeze solid
  • Allow the frozen tomato to thaw on the counter set into a linen on a colander or perforated pan. If you're using a colander, set it into a large bowl to catch the water that drips. Allow to drip until the entire block of ice has passed through the linen. Discard the residue on top or dry it for later use 
  • Season the tomato water and keep sealed and refrigerated until ready to enjoy

* Clarified tomato water is unbelievably refreshing. Consider it a place for martinis or just fresh in agua frescas on ice. The drip thaw technique is important here because it keeps the tomatoes raw and lively aromatically. We also use this in chilled broths in the summer; just add a few blanched vegetables and greens to a seasoned tomato water.


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