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In this delicious mix of farm-fresh onions, you receive earthy yet sweet white coin onions that provide a crunchy texture to dishes—as well as eye-catching purplette onions that add flavorful pizzazz without too much heat. Purplettes have white bulbs, as well, ones that are covered with attractive magenta skin. 

Mixed, 1 lb. 

Health Benefits
  • Flavonoids help to regulate blood glucose levels
  • Contain a lot of prebiotics and fiber, which supports gut health 
  • Potassium supports a healthy blood pressure
  • Manganese supports connective tissue, bone health, and forming blood clots 
  • Contains quercetin (an antioxidant) which fights inflammation in the body, and may actually help to prevent Alzheimer's disease
  • Contains vitamin C for a healthy immune system 
  • Allicin is an antibacterial compound that can help the body fight harmful bacteria 


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