Fresh Beans: Health Benefits, Cooking Tips, and Original Recipes

Fresh Beans: Health Benefits, Cooking Tips, and Original Recipes

When beans are ready be harvested at the peak of freshness and flavor—as they are, right now—Chef Jamie Simpson says that this announces the “mid-swing of summer.” That’s when, he says, “they have an unbelievable range in flavor, texture, colors, and more.”

And, because of the wide range of bean varieties, Jamie adds that you can’t make a blanket statement about them, other than to say, “Beans sure aren’t boring.”

Health Benefits of Beans

“Beans provide myriad health benefits . . . offering an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, like their veggie companions. They can also hold their own in the protein group, supplying protein aplenty. Unlike some other members of this group, beans provide little to no fat and are cholesterol-free. In fact, beans actually lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.” (From “The 11 Health Benefits of Beans”)

Medical News Today shares how beans:

  • Are high in amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which can make them the ideal protein source for vegetarians and vegans
  • Contain folate, which is essential for overall health, including to make healthy red blood cells
  • Can protect the body from disease because they contain an antioxidant called polyphenols

Specific ways in which beans can help include with heart health, by reducing the risk of cancer, by managing blood sugar, and assisting with gut health.

Last year, we reported on studies that connected eating vegetables with maintaining brain health, including a statement made at the 2017 Alzheimer’s Association’s International Conference. Eating certain foods, such as beans, green leafy vegetables, berries, whole grains, and fish could reduce “future cognitive impairment by up to 35 percent.”

Delicious Bean Recipes

Here are a few of them:

Cooking Beans

Because we’re in the height of bean season, you’ll likely be receiving them in the vegetable boxes you order from Farmer Jones Farm. They could include Romano beans, wax beans, and haricot verts in multiple hues.

Preparing them can be quick and easy, Jamie explains. “You can cook them whole or chop them into your desired size. Then cook them on high heat, quickly getting them on and off the stove. Or you can blanche and butter them.”

Input From Farmer Lee Jones

We recently asked Farmer Lee about the fresh beans we grow at The Chef’s Garden, and what he likes about them. His first response: the succulent, fresh bean flavor. He then wanted to add some more comments about what he likes best, and we’ve bullet pointed them here:

  • Incredible Versatility
  • Delicious Flavor
  • Satisfyingly Crispy Texture
  • Amazing Flavor
  • Nutritional Content
  • Outstanding Flavor
  • Health Benefits
  • Second to None Flavor

Ordering Your Fresh Beans

In season, you’ll likely get some beans in your Best of the Season Box, Seasonal Vegetable Box, or Gourmet Vegetable Box. You can order these for your own family and/or give them as gifts. With any one of these boxes (or other ones available online), you can subscribe for a recurring order and get 5% off your order! Subscribe weekly, biweekly, or monthly.







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