Best of the Season Box

Best of the Season Box
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Want the Best of the Season's produce shipped directly to your door?

Depending upon the season. our farmer’s market delivery box may contain a mix of fresh lettuce, mixed greens, spinach, summer squash, asparagus, English peas, wax beans, tomatoes, a mixture of fresh beets, carrots, and/or kohlrabi, and the best microgreens: which could include mustard, sage, sorrel, basil, bulls blood, cutting celery, radish greens and more. Products will vary based on the season and availability. Product shown for reference only.   

Choose the box size that works best for your family!

  • Small - Best for 1-2 people for approximately one week.
  • Medium - Best for 3-4 people for approximately one week.
  • Large - Best for 4-6 people for approximately one week.

If you are shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, or want expedited shipping, please call us at 1-800-289-4644, and we'll help you with your order.            

Items that could be in the box include:

Crispy, fresh lettuce with great flavor & nutrition

Potatoes with real flavor that come in a variety of colors

best of the day mix of our fresh tomatoes

Nutty and creamy eggplant

Best of the day fresh beans

Best of the day Asian Greens

Edible flowers add a bit of fun when you add petals on your salad, a zesty soup, or to enhance a favorite dessert

Micro Greens to add flavor and nutrition to your salads, main dishes, and even a bit of savory to special desserts

Microherbs to give your salads and dishes an antioxidant boost and a zip of flavor.

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