Root Vegetable Sandwich: Elevate Your Home Cooking with Chef-Inspired Delight

Root Vegetable Sandwich: Elevate Your Home Cooking with Chef-Inspired Delight

At The Chef’s Garden, we believe in turning ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. Chef Jamie Simpson, Executive Chef at The Culinary Vegetable Institute, unveils the secret to creating a delectable, nutritious, and easily prepared Root Vegetable Sandwich that promises to redefine your sandwich game.

The Culinary Revelation of Shaved Vegetables

Root vegetables take center stage, showcasing their marvelous, meaty texture. The journey began over a decade ago at the Culinary Vegetable Institute when Chef Johannes Klapdor presented a beet carpaccio that rivaled the savory appeal of traditional beef slices. Inspired by this innovation, Dominic Crenn, elevated these meaty interpretations of vegetables in her Michelin 3-Star flagship restaurant, Atelier Crenn.

Chef Jamie's Culinary Exploration 

Root Vegetable Slices are made from root vegetables harvested straight from our fields. They're cured like ham, sliced like ham, and meant to be eaten like ham: steamed, charred, baked or broiled.

Why It's the perfect sandwich option for you:

  • Versatility Unleashed:
    • Enjoy it hot or cold, making it perfect for any occasion.
    • Swap out greens to suit your preferences.
  • Endless Adaptability:
    • Experiment by utilizing it as an alternative to deli meats in your favorite sandwiches.
    • Sandwich options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Expand your plant-based menu.

Chef's Tips for Success:

  • Cook at a high heat for a quick cooking method that preserves the meaty satisfaction of root vegetables.
  • Explore a variety of condiments or enjoy the sandwich as is—there are no rules; let your taste buds guide you.

In Chef Jamie's words, "This sandwich invites you to savor the rich satisfaction of root vegetables, bridging the gap between high-end culinary techniques and streamlined home cooking. The possibilities are as diverse as the vegetables themselves—let your creativity shine!" 

Give them a try!

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