Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Home Cook

Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Home Cook

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the home cooks in your life, Farmer Jones Farm has just what you need! You can find plenty of unique holiday gifts on our site—and here are descriptions of five choices.

#1 Fresh Vegetable Boxes

We offer a variety of fresh vegetable boxes with each of them containing the absolute best of the day’s harvested crops. We deliver them directly to the front doors of your gift recipients and you can choose to send them once as a holiday gift or during regularly scheduled times throughout the year for a gift of flavor and nutrition that keeps on giving—and you can choose the frequency.

Our fresh vegetables are chockfull of delicious and independent testing has verified that they have up to 500% more in mineral content than the USDA baseline. This means that, when you give our fresh vegetables as a gift, you’re also giving a gift of love and good health.

#2 The Chef’s Garden Book

In this guide and cookbook, Farmer Lee Jones shares with readers the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed on how to select, prepare, and cook vegetables. Featuring more than five hundred entries from herbs to edible flowers to varieties of commonly known and not-so-common produce, this book will be a new bible for farmers' market shoppers and home cooks.

With one hundred recipes created by the head chef at The Chef's Garden Culinary Vegetable Institute, readers will learn innovative techniques to transform vegetables in their kitchens with dishes such as Ramp Top Pasta, Seared Rack of Brussels Sprouts, and Cornbread-Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms.

#3 Holiday Gift Boxes

Luxurious items in our holiday gift baskets are natural extensions of what we do at the farm, using regeneratively grown crops in uniquely wonderful ways. In these baskets (with three sizes available), we stay true to culinary applications by tucking in delicious honey created by the hardworking bees we tend with love on our own grounds; flavorful one-of-a-kind marmalade that feature our delicious veggies; and master quality tea using our herbs and edible flowers.

We then go above and beyond, also creating wholesome ways to indulge yourself with products that are literally at your fingertips: Blossom Bar Soap, and Flowerhouse Lotion and Flowerhouse Salve.

#4 Home Garden Enrichment Kit

If your gift recipients are already looking ahead to the beauty of spring and summer, then our home garden enrichment kit can make an ideal gift. In 2020, more people were growing home gardens than ever before and experts expect the trend to continue as people reconnect with Earth, their food source, in unprecedented numbers. Over the years, many people have asked us how to replicate our regenerative farming practices in their own home gardens, which inspired us to create this kit, one that will allow you to treat your soil with the same care that we do by using organic blends, cover crops, and other regenerative farming techniques.  That’s why we created this kit.

#5 Gift Cards

Sometimes, it’s hard to know which gift to pick—and, with our gift cards, you can leave the choosing up to the recipient. They can use them to shop online or at our farmer’s market.

We wish you all the happiest of holidays!



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