Cauliflower with BliS Gourmet

Cauliflower with BliS Gourmet

Source: BliS Gourmet


  • 1 medium or 2 small The Chef’s Garden cauliflower; stem trimmed flat
  • 1 tsp BLiS Tahitian Vanilla Fleur de Sel
  • An excellent extra virgin olive oil
  • Chef’s Garden micro herbs and micro flowers


  • In a covered sauce pan with an inch and a half of water in the bottom, steam cauliflower gently until tender but firm.
  • Place whole on a plate or platter
  • Generously drizzle the extra virgin olive oil to cover the entire cauliflower head (saturate somewhat)
  • Sprinkle evenly with one tsp (or to taste) BLiS Tahitian vanilla fleur de sel over the entire cauliflower
  • Cut into serving size wedges
  • Garnish with Chef’s Garden micro herbs and micro flowers

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