Heart Healthy Signature Blend

Heart Healthy Signature Blend
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To support heart health, this specially curated signature blend contains a unique blend of items that are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, including magnesium, potassium, allicin, antioxidants, and nitrates. 

This Heart Healthy Signature Blend includes: Watercress, Broccoli, Bulls Blood, and Radish Greens. 

Don’t be fooled by microgreens - they are small but mighty and often contain more nutrients than their full-grown counterparts. Sprinkle these on your favorite morning breakfast, in your salad, or eat them on their own!

Visit How To Store Vegetables to learn how to keep your vegetables fresh longer. And check out our Recipes for inspiration!

Health Benefits

At The Chef’s Garden nutrition goes hand-in-hand with flavorful, quality vegetables. It is so important that in 2019, we opened an on-site agricultural research facility. We study how to maximize the flavor, color, and nutrition of our vegetables in order to bring the highest quality to your door. And, as a result of our regenerative farming practices, we have found that our products can contain up to 200% to 500% more mineral content than the USDA average!  . 

Bull’s blood microgreens contain betanin which increases the action of NrF2, helping the body to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. They contain polyphenols (like you hear about in wine) and Vitamin C to combat oxidative stress.

Watercress is ranked #1 on the CDC’s list of Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables because it is super nutrient-dense containing 100% of the DV of Vitamin K, 25% of the DV of Vitamin A, and 25% of the DV of Vitamin C in just one cup.  Remember to optimally absorb Vitamins A and K (fat-soluble vitamins) enjoy your watercress with a good quality high polyphenol olive oil. 

Cruciferous vegetables, such as watercress, broccoli sprouts, kale, and radish greens contain sulforaphane, which is a sulfur-rich compound that has been shown to provide a number of health benefits. Potential benefits include anticancer properties, boost heart health, and support in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Click here to read more about sulforaphane and its healthy properties.   

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