Clearwater Jerusalem Artichoke

Clearwater Jerusalem Artichoke
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Clearwater Jerusalem artichokes are incredibly sweet (almost as sweet as sorbet!) with absolutely no starch. Their unique structure makes them even more versatile than potatoes. Nutty and crunchy when raw, they taste like sweet kettle cooked chips when fried and are perfect for dessert when caramelized. Blanched, they gain the texture of undercooked potatoes, perfect for frying afterwards. They’re also delicious pureed with milk and butter; roasted, and charred, giving them brown sugar flavor. Clearwater Jerusalem artichokes have tan skin over beautiful creamy-white flesh. Also called sunroot, earth apple, sunchoke and Canadian truffle.

1 lb.

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Health Benefits 

Jerusalem artichokes provide the benefit of low carb replacements in meals - like for potatoes. They also contribute to healthy blood sugar levels along with insulin that assists in health intestinal bacteria—which may play a role in a healthier cardiovascular system.

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