Farmer Lee Jones Busts Some Myths About Healthy Eating

Farmer Lee Jones Busts Some Myths About Healthy Eating

Myth Busting about Farmacy with Farmer Lee Jones

Even well-intentioned parents and grandparents have contributed to the myth that good-for-you food is something you have to eat before you get to the tasty stuff. Here’s an example. “No! You can’t have any dessert until you eat all your vegetables.” When children are told that, it’s being said by people who care about their health and their well-being—and yet it sends a message that vegetables are “have to” food items that don’t taste very good, something that must be choked down before you can get to the good stuff: dessert. The reality, though, is that healthy eating can be a true treat for the palate with incredibly flavorful foods also being visually appealing and bursting with nutrition—and that’s the concept behind Farmacy: foods that are beautifully delicious and nutritious.

A Look at Another Time-Tested Saying

Farmer Lee Jones likes to share a proverb that people have passed down through the generations: You can pay the farmer—or you can pay the doctor. In other words, people can enjoy flavorful yields from the fields, delicious vegetables that are an integral part of a healthy diet—or they can eat a less healthy diet, the kind that doesn’t help to build up and protect their health. So, to modify yet another phrase—this one tweaked from the Ghostbuster movies—Who you gonna pay?

Regenerative Farming: Go Above and Beyond Nutritional Baselines

Crops from The Chef’s Garden (and provided to families like yours through Farmer Jones Farm) are regeneratively farmed in healthy soil and grown in harmony with nature. “We never,” Farmer Lee says, “try to outsmart Mother Nature. We know better.” He then paints the following picture for us. “As our crops grow in healthy soil, they take in the sun’s vibrant rays. So, when we harvest these crops, they are chock full of nutrition. In short, the process goes this way: healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy food for people = a healthy planet.” In fact, independent testing has shown that our crops have up to 600 percent more minerals than the USDA baselines. That’s Farmacy.

Eating the Rainbow

To further enhance the benefits of eating vegetables, experts suggest that you eat the rainbow. In other words, to eat vegetables in a wide range of colors. Some suggest eating three different colors at each meal when taking the fruits, veggies, and whole grains into account—with a goal to push it up to five.


Vegetable Recipes

To help you enjoy the full benefits of Farmacy, we’ve provided plenty of recipes on our site, searchable by ingredient. If you’ve got a bunch of delicious farm-fresh carrots, for example, here are ways to enjoy them. Beets? Here are recipes! Mixed greens? Here you go! You get the idea. We encourage you to search for delicious recipes on our site and to browse our fresh vegetables, herbs, and more. They’re harvested at the peak of flavor and shipped directly to you!


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