Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce is a fantastic vessel for other ingredients. In this recipe, it's almost treated like nori. Super simple and very versatile. If you want to add seafood or meat to this do it. Get creative. Consider different dressings. Here's a clean approach to root vegetables and lettuces this time of year and in our opinion a great pairing for cocktail hour. 


Source: Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef's Garden



  • ¼ sweet potato
  • 1 baby carrot
  • 1 winter radish
  • 1 golden beet
  • 1 lime
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 6 heads of baby green leaf lettuce, speckled romaine, or green romaine
  • ½ pack of best of the season micro herbs



  • Finely julienne all vegetables with either a mandoline or a knife. Make them about as fine as you can. Dress with salt and lime and allow to marinate. 
  • Remove the large outer leaves from the lettuce and trim off the stem at the bottom of each leaf. Blanch for about 2 seconds in simmering water and transfer to an ice bath. 
  • Lay out two sheets of plastic wrap directly over the counter. 
  • Transfer the lettuce leaves from the ice bath and carefully tile the leaves to make two sheets of lettuce approximately 5in. X 9in. 
  • To assemble, place the vegetables on the lettuce leaves in a long strip. Place beside that the micro herbs. Lift the bottom edge of the plastic wrap and pull the lettuce over the salad. Roll the lettuces tightly in the plastic wrap. Trim the ends of the rolls. Cut each roll in half and then in half again. 
  • Remove the plastic film from each portion and serve room temperature or chilled. 


  • Farmer

    Hi Rachel, Microgreens are when a plant is showing its first true leaf, that’s the definition of a microgreen. Often, this means the plant is one to two inches in length, but that isn’t consistently true because the actual sizes of microgreens vary from plant to plant, relative to the size of a full-grown version.

  • Barranca, Rachel

    You mentioned micro greens what is that?

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