Farm-Fresh Vegetables: Maximum Flavor AND Nutrition

Farm-Fresh Vegetables: Maximum Flavor AND Nutrition

All too often, we can talk about food as if people needed to make a choice between what tastes good and what’s good for them. Well-intentioned parents, for example, tell their children to eat their vegetables (what’s “good for them”) before they can have dessert (what “tastes good”).

This, according to an assistant professor of psychology, “inadvertently instills the mindset that healthy eating is tasteless and depriving.” This professor, Alia Crum, actually led a scientific study about flavor and nutrition that appeared in a 2019 publication by the Association for Psychological Science—and she concludes that we really should be “focusing on making healthy foods more delicious and indulgent.”

We agree—and here’s the beauty of choosing farm-fresh vegetables from The Chef's Garden: they’re already chock-full of flavor and nutrition alike. This means that you can prepare dishes for your family quite simply—and they’ll already be delicious, providing the vitamins and minerals your family needs for good health. Or, if you’ve got a special recipe that takes time and attention, the regeneratively farmed crops grown on The Chef's Garden ensures that you’ll use top quality ingredients that are bursting with flavor.

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor

Chef Jamie Simpson has created a blog post that contains a wonderful list of ways to prepare fresh vegetables from The Chef's Garden—techniques that are both simple and delicious. (Here are culinary tools that Chef Jamie recommends for home chefs.)

Flavors of our fresh veggies include the following:

  • Beets: Think earthy. Think sugar sweet. Farm fresh beets miraculously combine the best of both.
  • Bok Choy: Add the flavor of sweet mustard cabbage to your home-cooked dishes quickly and easily.
  • Carrots: Sweet, nutty, and earthy—so aromatic with a crunchy, juicy texture.
  • Celery Root: This deliciously edible root is enjoyed around the world, offering up a pungent celery flavor.
  • This veggie offers up a refreshingly nutty flavor, like bright green almonds.
  • Garlic Roots: These roots offer up the flavor of true garlic—spicy yet milder than a raw clove.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes: Think apple-nutty-caramel deliciousness—and you’ve got the flavor of sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem artichokes.
  • Kale: Sweet, cabbage-y, nutty. Enjoy enjoyed raw, or blanched, braised, roasted, sautéed, steamed, or fried.
  • Kohlrabi: This marvelous veggie adds a pleasant mustard flavor to dishes, with stems providing a touch of sweetness.
  • Leeks: Sweet onion flavor (that’s also somewhat earthy!) builds up heat with a great finish.
  • Lettuce: Revel in a rainbow of flavors, including grassy, nutty, and earthy. Some varieties have the mild taste of raw mushrooms, bell peppers, and green grass.
  • Microgreens: Use them on sandwiches to side dishes, and from salads and soups to virtually anything in between.
  • Mustard Leaves: Our mix of spicy and funky mustard flavors—with some leaves crunchy and, others, chewy—are ideal for intense salads.
  • Parsnips: Nutty, salty, and earthy, with a sweet caramel flavor that’s similar to the carrot.
  • Peas: These sweet legumes are so marvelous that Chef Jamie usually doesn’t even cook them, enjoying them raw. That said, you can cook these tender yet crisp peas.
  • Potatoes: Mix of sweet and earthy flavors, and a mixture of smooth and flaky skins
  • Radishes: Intense radish/horseradish flavor; crunchy and crisp, they’re delicious raw, as well as when braised, roasted, or grilled.
  • Salsify adds subtle hints of licorice, umami, and artichokes to your dishes, along with a smooth and crisp texture.
  • Spinach: Mild, fresh, green, buttery—and beautifully sweet. That’s what you can count on with our spinach.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Some offer up a pleasantly sweet flavor with other varieties being spicy and, still others, creamy.
  • Turnips: Mustardy-spicy goodness with a juicy and soft potato-like texture when baked or boiled

You can also use our fresh vegetables in these mouth-watering vegetable recipes.

Nutrition News

We’ve grown for flavor for many decades now, believing that this approach would also cause the vegetables, herbs, and more that we grow to also provide the optimum in nutritional value.

We’ve tested that theory in our agricultural research lab and were astonished at the results! As a result of our regenerative farming practices, we have found that our products often contain more minerals than the USDA average! Learn more about our Health and Wellness initiatives.

Delicious and Nutritious Vegetables—Delivered Directly to Your Front Door

We invite you to shop online today! We’ll pack and ship our regeneratively farmed fresh vegetables that are harvested with care—and send them directly to you for a nutritiously flavorful experience!

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