Vegetable Delivery Boxes: The Perfect Gift

Vegetable Delivery Boxes: The Perfect Gift

When you’re looking for the ideal gift for friends, family members, and colleagues, farm-fresh vegetables may not be the very first thought that comes to mind—but we think it should. Our regeneratively farmed vegetables are tended with love and careful attention, and we grow them slowly and gently in full accord with nature. 

Vegetables are a crucial element of a healthy diet with our veggies grown for the absolute maximum of flavor and nutrition. 

Plus, vegetables are being appreciated more than ever. Even before the pandemic began, increasing numbers of people were transitioning to plant-forward diets with fruits and vegetables taking up a larger portion of the plate. Reasons why, an August 2022 survey shares, include “increasing concerns about health, animal welfare, and the environment”—and 30 percent of people are “still eating more fresh produce than they did pre-pandemic.”

From a gift-giving perspective, this means that more people on your list will appreciate the gift of farm-fresh vegetables. 

Unique Gift Recommendations

Here are ideas to get you started.

Vegetable of the Month Club

With the Vegetable of the Month Club, your gift recipient will receive a seasonal vegetable that’s harvested at the peak of flavor—along with a chef-inspired surprise to complement the monthly veggie. You can start the club at any time; here’s what vegetable your friend or family member will receive each month:

Gourmet Vegetable Box

This is a wonderful gift for inquisitive foodies in your life with our Gourmet Vegetable Box containing regeneratively farmed fresh vegetables that top chefs and high-end restaurants use around the country and beyond. Perfect for the discerning people on your list, you can consider this a true farm-to-table treasure. 

You can make a one-time purchase with any of our vegetable delivery boxes or customize your recurring delivery to save more money. 

Build Your Own Box

Each person has his or her own favorite vegetables. So, you can browse these vegetable delivery boxes or build your own box. No matter what you choose, you’ll receive farm-fresh vegetables that are chock full of flavor and nutrition. 

Farmacy Collections

You care about the health of people in your life, and our Farmacy Collections allow you to gift your loved ones with the best food as medicine available. You can build your own Farmacy box with guidance from us about what vegetables can contribute to health and wellness for people with specific health situations. 

Special Occasion Gifts

Consider one or more of these unique gift items to enhance your gift of farm-fresh vegetables. 

Thank you for choosing us as your personal farmer!

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